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Sky Cig

When you inhale on your SKY Cig smokeless cigarette, the airflow is detected by a sensor that triggers the heating element, vapourising the nicotine solution stored within the mouthpiece. The vapouriser then releases the simulated "smoke" or vapour from the smokeless cigarette. SKY Cig smokeless cigarettes are composed of three main parts: the battery, the vapouriser and the flavour cartridge.

These three components work together to produce vapour when you inhale on your smokeless cigarette. The sleek, elongated SKY Cig smokeless cigarette body, which looks and feels much like a traditional cigarette, holds the nicotine cartridge, vapouriser and long-lasting lithium battery. You'll also notice the tip of your SKY Cig smokeless cigarette has a light that glows when you are inhaling, producing the same look as a traditional cigarette. Your friends won't even be able to notice a difference

SKY Cig Releases Next Generation E-Cig the well known brand of electronic cigarettes are product testing the next generation of electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes have brought a healthier option to smokers as well as giving back smoking freedom once again.

The reason people can use electronic cigarettes is because there is no smoke or ash. The cigarette works electronically and delivers the nicotine to the smoker in water vapour. This means that electronic cigarettes are legal to use in bars, restaurants and other public places but the cigarette looks, feels and tastes exactly the same.

With the next generation of electronic cigarettes there have been some distinct improvements. Perhaps the most important point to mention first is that for all those that have already purchased the Sky cig, the pieces in the new kit are totally compatible with the previous kits.

The new version contains new vaporizers and batteries as well as the new LCD charging case. There is a huge improvement now to vapour production, consistency and battery life. The next generation of electronic cigarette also has a noticeable difference in the new tobacco flavours. Initial feedback suggests these flavours are much better. There is no foil seal on the new cartridges which allows more consistent vapour. Finally the new charger is better and more intuitive.

All in all the next generation of electronic cigarette, or e cig, looks set to be even more of a success than the first one.

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